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New Standard eBook Edition Features:

Now in electronic format, this digital desktop reference will provide readers with unprecedented access to the whole of Domarus’ landmark study, and enable you to quickly gather additional insight into Adolf Hitler through a variety of easy-to-use tools.

  • Run keyword searches for any term, name, or place regardless of diacritics
  • Click on search results to navigate within the text
  • Easily perform complex proximity searches to discover elements of Hitler’s dictatorship not easily indexed
  • Use bookmarks for each year and each event of the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler to bring you immediately into the text
  • Click on over 5,000 linked notes for instant access to additional context and commentary
  • Follow links to documentary images
  • Compare the English translation to the original German

Features available in the Premium eBook Edition (available 4Q2007). All the features of the Standard eBook Edition plus:

  • Copy directly from the PDF file into your document! Unlimited copying of text for inclusion in published research and other documentary efforts.
  • Add your own commentary and notes to the text
  • Print your own hard copy
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